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Are you a scientific-research worker or institution?

Do you have achievements in the field of research and development?

Do you want to publish results of your work?

The GRANT Journal publishes results of scientific-research activities that are financed by public means or supported by grants or subsidies.

  • publish results of your scientific work
  • make sure that your project supported by grants has sufficient publicity
  • publish research reports
  • share current outputs of your activities

The GRANT Journal accepts articles focused on the whole range of social-scientific branches from authors (author teams).

If you want to publish results of your work, get to know the instructions and send to the journal board a summary of results of your work, scientific articles, results, current or overall reports, etc.

Please, contact us for closer information about your paper publishing at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We are ready to assist you.
The New Issue of GRANT journal

  • The current issue of the GRANT Journal is available here.

The National Technical Library in Prague allocated an international standard serial number to the GRANT Journal:

  • ISSN 1805-062X (CD verze) 
  • ISSN 1805-0638 (online)

New Issue

Grant Journal ISSN 1805-062X (CD-ROM)
Grant Journal ISSN 1805-0638 (Online)


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